Our company manufactures and distributes a variety of chemical products such as ionic liquids, pyridine bases, pyrazines and amines.

Technologies and Facilities for Fine Organic Synthesis

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We utilize the fixed-bed gas phase reaction technology we have developed over many long years in order to synthesize a variety of pyridines.  In addition, this technology can be combined with fine organic syntheses using liquid-phase reaction technologies to meet a range of clients’ needs for pyridines, pyrazines, piperazines, and other materials.

In recent years, we have deployed a range of technology for manufacture of materials at extreme low temperature, as well as dry and oxygen-free conditions, allowing for the support of the more complex processes of organic synthesis.

Technologies and Facilities for Fine Organic Synthesis

Liquid-phase multi-purpose manufacturing facilities

Liquid-phase multi-purpose manufacturing equipment1
Liquid-phase multi-purpose manufacturing equipment2
Liquid-phase multi-purpose manufacturing equipment3

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Equipment Specifications
Liquid-phase reactor Capacity 1-10m3
Material GL, SUS, Hastelloy
Supported pressure ~0.98MPa(G)
Supported temperature -60-180℃
Distillation equipment Capacity 1.2-20m3
Material SUS, SS
Theoretical plates 10-16 stages
Maximum usage temperature 300℃
Centrifugal separator Capacity 32-40 inch
Material SUS,Aflon
Dryer Capacity 1-3m3
Material Hastelloy, GL, SUS
Filtration equipment Capacity 0.2-3.0m3
Material GL, SUS
Misc.   Thin film distillation: SUS 3.1m2
Filtration drying: SUS 0.6m2, 1m2

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