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Technologies and Facilities for High-Pressure Reaction

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High pressure reaction technology

We utilize high pressure hydrogenation, such as reductive amination, alkylation of amines, amination of alcohol, nitrile hydrogenation, and nitrogen-containing aromatic compound hydrogenation, to synthesize wide variety of amines and nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds.

(1) Reductive amination of carbonyl via imines

(1) Reductive amination of carbonyl via imines(Reductive amination)

(2) Amination of alcohols

(2) Amination of alcohols(Amination of alcohols)

(3) Hydrogenation of Nitriles

(3) Hydrogenation of Nitriles(Hydrogenation of nitrile compounds)

(4) Hydrogenation of Heteroaromatic Ring

(4) Hydrogenation of Heteroaromatic Ring (Intramolecular heterocyclization)

High pressure reaction facilities

High pressure reaction equipment1
High pressure reaction equipment2

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Equipment Specifications
High pressure reactior (Autoclave) Capacity 0.2-3.5m3
Material SUS
Highest supported pressure 9MPa
Maximum usage temperature 240degrees Celsius
Distillation equipment Capacity 2-7m3
Material SUS, SS
Theoretical plates 25-50 stages
Maximum usage temperature 240 degrees Celsius
Filtration equipment Area 0.5-5.0m2
Material SUS

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