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Cellulose-dissolving ionic liquid

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Our relevant product

We have recently developed a new ionic liquid "ILA48-32" for dissolution of cellulose, which is suited for developing regenerated cellulose materials.




  • It is a liquid at room temperature and easy to handle.
  • Cellulose can be dissolved in ILA48-32 in high concentrations, up to 25 wt%.
  • The degree of polymerization (DP) loss of regenerated cellulose is lower than chloride-containing quaternary ammonium salt.

Product information

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Product name Status of registration of chemical substances in various countries Status of registration of chemical substances in various countries Fire Services Act
ILA48-32 Registered (Japan)

Physical properties

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Appearance Melting point(℃) Decomposition temperature(℃)* Viscosity(mPas)
Pale yellow to brown clear liquid

*Decomposition temperature: 5% weight loss (TG-DTA)

Technical information

The cellulose solubility and polymerization degree of regenerated cellulose

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  Cellulose solubility (wt%)* Degree of polymerization after regeneration**
ILA48-32 25
Quaternary ammonium salt 25

*The mixture of the pulp and the ionic liquid was heated to 100℃ and stirred for 1 hr.
**The pulp with a degree of polymerization of 363 was used.
The cellulose was regenerated by casting in methanol bath at room temperature.

Examples of use
  • Cellulose regeneration process
  • Antistatic agent for aqueous coating
  • Functional polymer composite materials

*The described technical information should be considered as representative by Koei Chemical Company. Performance and other specifications are not guaranteed values.

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