Our company manufactures and distributes a variety of chemical products such as ionic liquids, pyridine bases, pyrazines and amines.

Ionic liquids for electrolytes

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Our relevant product

IL-IM series


IL-IM series


  • Ionic liquids show excellent solubility in solvents such as propylene carbonate (PC).
  • Ionic liquids exhibit excellent performance at low temperatures.
  • IL-IM1 can be used without a solvent as it is a liquid at room temperature.
  • Products of extremely high purity are available.

Information of our typical products

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Product name Status of registration under laws concerning manufacture and use of chemical substances in various countries Poisonous substances laws Fire services laws
IL-IM1 Registered (Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China)

Physical properties

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Product name Melting point(℃) Viscosity
Electric conductivity
Potential window*
IL-IM1 11
(Reference value)

* 1M propylene carbonate solution

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