Our company manufactures and distributes a variety of chemical products such as ionic liquids, pyridine bases, pyrazines and amines.


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The long years of technical expertise that Koei Chemical has developed through 100 years of in-house development are a very testament to its history of R&D. Our creative and pioneering research and development continues to gain accolades in the chemical industry.

For example, in the 1950s, we developed polyhydric alcohols, and in the 1960s, pyridines and amines. In the 1980s, we developed pyridines and pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates, which require advanced technology.

We have acted as a genuine pioneer in these products and continue to demonstrate leadership in a range of fields. In particular, our production technologies used for intermediates like anti-ulcer drugs, antibiotics, and tuberculosis drugs have drawn global attention and garnered acclaim from numerous academics.

As an R&D-oriented company, we continue to pursue creative research & development for the future, and we are focusing on the areas of ionic liquids, organic metal compounds, and ICT-related compound synthesis to develop a wide range of unique solutions.

Utilizing the range of technologies we discuss on our technologies page, we have brought a wide range of products to the world through proprietary development. We also offer joint R&D and custom synthesis as solutions that make use of these technologies to develop new products.

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