Our company manufactures and distributes a variety of chemical products such as ionic liquids, pyridine bases, pyrazines and amines.

Corporate Business Plan

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KX2.0:Striving for transformation utilizing

knowledge and experience of over 100 years


Corporate Business Plan (FY2022–2024)

Future Directions

KOEI Vision 2030

 To accelerate innovations across the sectors —Sales, R&D, Manufacturing, as well as Support and

Administration—for creating new corporate values that will lead to sustainable growth, and to make meaningful

contributions to a sustainable society through business activities.

KOEI Vision 2030

Performance Targets

Basic Principles

1 Accelerate Business
     Growth Strategy
2 Strengthen Business
3 Enhancement of
     Human Resources

1. Accelerate Business Growth Strategy

Basic products: Enhance
competitiveness & Develop high-value
added uses

  • Expand sales of amines and pyridines and expedite new products commercialization.
  • Accelerate development of new applications (e.g., CO₂
  • Pursue business expansion via collaboration with third
  • Improve competitiveness through fundamental cost
    reduction and productivity enhancement measures.

Specialty Products and New Business:

  • Achieve smooth startup of CM IV plant (scheduled to
    start fall 2022)
  • Find new applications for ionic liquids.
  • Early commercialization of low-temperature curing
    catalysts and accelerate development of applications.
  • Expand organometallic catalyst and pharmaceuticals/
    crop protection products intermediates business.
  • Accelerate new product development through stronger
    collaboration with Sumitomo Chemical Group.
  • Explore new business fields (e.g., optical/electronic/
    battery materials, environmental impact reduction).
  • Construct new business models through combination
    of existing and new technologies.

Business Portfolio Enhancement

  • Review of product priorities in light of profitability and
    strategic importance as well as the implementation of
    PLCM (product life cycle management) for maximizing

2. Strengthen Business Foundations


Digital Transformation

  1. Enhance productivity and strengthen
    competitiveness in Manufacturing, R&D, SCM
    and Office areas.
  2. Data scientists/engineers’ skill development.

Management Transformation

  1. Enhanced use of new management indicators.
    ・Return on invested capital (ROIC)
    ・Cash conversion cycle (CCC)
  2. Strengthen PR and IR activities.
  3. Pursue organizational development.

Sustainability Transformation

  1. Improve KPIs for corporate value creation.
  2. Create and implement a plan and schedule for
    carbon neutrality.

Governance Transformation

  1. Adapt to the new Corporate Governance Code
  2. Improve governance structure and relevant
    ・Reorganization and enhancement of internal

3. Enhancement of Human Resources Development

Enhance Management Capability
  • Strengthen management training
  • Continue improving performance
    appraisals skills.
  • Establish new programs for
    middle managers.
中堅社員の育成 若手社員の早期戦力化​
Career Development
of Junior/ Young
  • Reexamine and strengthen
    development programs in
    functional area (Manufacturing,
    R&D and Sales/Marketing).
Reform HR Systems
  • Establish a career development
  • Update a dual career ladder path
  • Improve and modify the
    management of objectives,
    including clarification of criteria
    for appraisals.
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